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July 12, 2010

The update on the Michael Young All-Star situation

A miscommunication led to New York manager Joe Girardi to say Adrian Beltre was out of the All-Star Game and that Michael Young would replace him. Beltre went through batting practice Monday, and plans to play Tuesday.

"Clearly it was a communication misunderstanding," Major League Baseball's Phyllis Merhige said. "Michael Young is the next guy on the player voting, so if Adrian Beltre can't play it's Michael Young. But Adrian had said all along he was going to make a decision about how he felt. I don't know where Joe got it from. Maybe I miscommunicated it."

Girardi said Young was added to the team during the All-Star press conference, which was nationally televised. The news caught his six All-Star teammates by surprise too. Young is still in Texas, but he could still be a late addition if Beltre can't go. Merhige said Young was on hold, and that the league would call to apologize to him.

Last year the American League added Chone Figgins at the last minute, and he flew in the day of the game.

-- Anthony Andro


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