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October 14, 2009

Rudy Jaramillo turns down Texas Rangers' one-year offer

Rudy Jaramillo, who has been the Rangers' hitting coach the past 15 seasons, turned down a one-year offer to remain with the club this morning and won't be back in 2010. An offer had been made by general manager Jon Daniels and team president Nolan Ryan late last week, and Jaramillo mulled his future over the weekend and the first two days of this week.

Jaramillo is viewed by many as the best hitting coach in the game, and he is the highest paid. The Rangers' offense didn't perform as expected in 2009, and Ryan, Daniels and manager Ron Washington all said last week that the Rangers' approach needed to be revamped to include a better understanding of situational hitting.

-- Jeff Wilson


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The Rangers Mgmt is as incompetent as the Dallas Cowboys Mgmt.
They're both doomed to mediocrity due to the powers that own each organization.
Poor Nolan Ryan .... we really believed that he could turn this disaster around and he came very close.

i could not agree more. can only hope if this team ever gets sold to someone with a clue we might have a chance at keeping and acquiring some free agents instead of having to watch the game's best hitting coach walk away. team is on the cusp of something good, 22nd wurst payroll in baseball ain't gonna cut the mustard.

the person that need to go is ron shington and not jaramillo

The Rangers are a farm team for the Yankees

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