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August 08, 2009

Hamilton admits to being drunk in photos

Josh Hamilton admitted that he suffered a lapse from his sobriety in January and that the photos posted on deadspin.com are indeed him in an Arizona bar drinking and carrying on with women who aren't his wife. He had gone to Arizona before spring training to prepare for the season at Athletes' Performance Institute in Tempe, Ariz.

No disciplinary action will be taken by the Rangers, who were told about the incident by Hamilton the day after it happened. Hamilton is in the lineup today. He has not failed a drug test, so while he doesn't remember all the details from that night, it's apparent that he didn't take any banned substances that would lead to a suspension from MLB in violation of the policy that allowed him to return to baseball.

"I'm embarrassed about it. For the Rangers, I'm embarrassed about it. For my wife, my kids," Hamilton said. "It's one of those things that just reinforces (thoughts) about alcohol. Unfortunately, it happened. It just reinforces to me that if I'm out there getting ready for a season and taking my focus off the most important thing in my recovery, which is my relationship with Christ, it's amazing how those things creep back in.

"Honestly, I hate that this happened. But it is what it is. You deal with it. I realized that, obviously, I'm not perfect, in this on-going struggle, battle, that is very real. A lot of people don't understand how real it is.

"As soon as it happened, I called my support system -- my wife, the Rangers, MLB and told them what had happened. I was absolutely open and honest about it.

"I went to get something to eat. Obviously, I eat at restaurants that have bars in them all the time. I wasn't mentally fit to go in there, spiritually fit, and it just crossed my mind, 'Can I have a drink?' Obviously, I can't."

Hamilton said he was surprised that it took so long for word to spread that he had been spotted drunk in public. General manager Jon Daniels said a cloud hung over those who were contacted by Hamilton for about a week.

Hamilton also said that he doesn't feel like a hypocrite for preaching about sobriety and the importance of having a relationship with Jesus Christ.

"I don't feel like I'm a hypocrite. I feel like I'm human," he said. "I got away from the one thing that keeps me straightened out and going in the right direction."

-- Jeff Wilson


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If he gives Christ all the credit, maybe he should consider giving Christ all the blame, or he could just man up and take full responsibility for all his actions--good, bad, ugly!

Don't blame Christ for man's temporary set-back. I am just glad that Josh has taken full responsibility for his actions, has asked forgiveness for his short comings and gotten things straightened out. He blames his loss of his focus on God as the reason, and that happens to alot of people. I am just glad that we have a God who loves us, and forgives, unlike most people. He also gives us free will to do what we want. He does give second chances, He will give you a second chance too. Don't blame Christ for letting us be free. Keep up the fight Josh.

Hey David, I believe Josh gives Christ all the credit in his life because he's a grateful person. He's grateful for the love and forgiveness that Christ has offered us all. Apparently, you haven't learned that forgiveness part, or perhaps the part about how Christians admit to being imperfect. We strive to be like Christ, but never claim to be perfect.

I stand behind Josh and admire that he stands up and admits his mistakes. It's unfortunate that these kind of events have to be made public, but as a pubic personality, he knows he's held up to a different standard.

I am new to the game of baseball and one of the men that I admired is Josh. And I am thankful he owned up to his back sliding. It takes a man to do that and Christ in his life to keep going to make it better. What a brave wife he has. By the way, unless he does it again, Josh is still a man I admire.

Look on the bright side Josh Hamilton fans, at least he doesn't play for the Cowboys. Can you imagine the reaction if photos like that surfaced with Tony Romo in them? Hamilton is going to get a pass from the local media.

Why print this story? You guys suck. He will be battling this his whole life. Why does the world need to know when he has a lapse.

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