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April 20, 2009

Ryan, Daniels: Washington is fine

With the Rangers struggling early, the question arises: Is manager Ron Washington safe? According to Nolan Ryan and Jon Daniels, he is. Both said they are not looking to make a managerial change.

Here's what Daniels had to say:

"Ron's our manager. I read about some of the stuff, but there have been zero discussions internally to the contrary. We believe in this team. We believe in this staff."

And from Ryan:

"I think Ron's fine. I don't see anything that concerns me. Obviously we've had some well-pitched games where we didn't score any runs. Then we had some games where we had a breakdown once we went to the bullpen. Our starting pitching didn't give us enough innings. As a whole, when you look at the two weeks, I'm pretty happy with where we are."

- Anthony Andro


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Nolan Ryan's "pretty happy with where we are." He's happy with this train wreck? I don't get it.

hey, shooter

What were you expecting for 2009? A World Series? The majority of "experts" and analysts predicted the Rangers to be a .500 team at best. So far, their forecast seems to be pretty accurate.

I expected the 2009 team to be at least some improved over the 2008 team. This 2009 team is starting out to be well below last year's team and the worst part is Daniels and Ryan saying everything is cool. It is not.

Your team is battling for the last place position in their division. Your team has lost 7 out of 8, including two to the Royals who had a .218 team batting average and your President says,"I'm pretty happy with where we are"...that tells me the management team doesn't get it. Do they not remember the 12,184 fans which was the lowest attendance on record?
The fans aren't happy with where this team is. Bring on the fireworks -at least that will boost the attendance.

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