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April 23, 2009

Gabbard traded

The Rangers have traded left-hander Kason Gabbard to Boston, the team who traded him for Eric Gagne in 2007, for cash considerations. The Red Sox have assigned him to Triple-A Pawtucket and are expected to send him to extending spring training. Gabbard, who was made a reliever this season, had struggled at Triple-A Oklahoma City. In his last appearance Tuesday, the left-hander allowed six runs in one inning.

The final memory of Gabbard for many might have happened Wednesday, and he wasn't even invovled. Darren O'Day was wearing Gabbard's No. 30 jersey when he surrendered the game-winning hit to Kevin Millar.

-- Jeff Wilson


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Well, that certainly came out of the blue. I'm not high on Gabbard, but always hate to see a pitcher leave the organization without something (other than cash) coming back.

Great Pick up for BoSox.Pitched well at Fenway..Roll player

This is absurd. We already have one of the lowest payrolls in all of baseball, which is an embarrassment.

Now we're giving away starting pitching for "cash considerations"!?! Just how little net money are you planning on spending Mr. Hicks?

So maybe Gabbard was a low-end rotation pitcher. At least he was something with some experience to fall back on. Now we have...a piffling amount of cash? You wonder why fans aren't coming out to support the team, it's messages like this "trade" you keep sending to us, which is essentially giving us fans the big middle finger. Turrible.

We gave up on Danks way too early, too. The Rangers, through the years, have proved they could not recognize real pitchers even if they had a crystal ball. How good would Gallaraga, Danks, Volquez, and Chris Young look in the rotation? We have an injury prone Brandon McCarthy to show for those trades, although Josh Hamilton at least gives us another hitter. But we ALWAYS have enough hitters...we never have enough pitchers, and giving Gabbard away for cash is another Hicks blunder. His money troubles are worse than he lets on, I think.

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