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January 15, 2009

Young to third

Michael Young is headed to third base, albeit reluctantly. The five-time All-Star just completed a conference call with local beat writers to announce that it's time to get the controversy behind him and get ready to move from shortstop.

"After some careful consideration over the last month or so, and in an effort to not let this thing drag out and move forward at the task at hand -- which is winning baseball -- I've decided to put an end to this and start bearing down and playing third base."

He is no longer seeking a trade, and he wants to see first-hand if the Rangers can indeed become contenders with a young nucleus bubbling in the minor-leagues. He also regrets that the fans were forced to take sides between a player and the franchise, and he laments any questions that have been thrust upon his assumed replacement at shortstop, Elvis Andrus.

Young isn't expecting an easy transition to third base. He said he might as well be moving to left field. But he also said third base will be a challenge that will get his competitive fires going.

"In my heart, I'm a middle infielder," Young said. "I don't believe the team was really pursuing a trade. They were trying to get me to play third base. So, I didn't see much of a point in letting this thing drag on."

-- Jeff Wilson


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Young is as classy as it gets. Doing what is best for the team eventhough it's not what he wants. I'm not sure we deserve him, but thanks for saving him Nolan.

Rollie is 100% right; and the no-class Rangers organization doesn't deserve this top-class player.

REALLY glad that Michael will be staying in Texas!!!

I knew Michael was a team player and a mature whole hearted person by the actions he took with both AROD and Soriano. His reluctance to play third surprised me, but I definitely saw his side and didn't fault him. Now that he has agreed to play third, I can only hope that players and people in general take note of this "Texas Rangers" Hero. If only there were more people in the world like him.

I'm 100% happy that young is staying with the rangers, but dont they deserve him. Young keeps giving to the rangers and they just keep taking. They went about this the wrong way. I wish he was traded so he could go win a championship and stick it to the rangers.

Good for Michael. Good for the Rangers. Good for the fans. I'm glad its over. Now they can get down to the business of playing winning baseball in 2009 and beyond.

But I think those three paragraphs of quotes illustrate that it was never about the way the Rangers presented it, rather it was about the fact Young was being asked to change positions.

Is he allowed to have reservations about this move? Absolutely.

Is he allowed to become angry about the move and say he is not changing positions and ask to be traded? Absolutely.

Is he allowed to mislead the media, making some writers believe the Rangers did in fact do or say something wrong and they are the ones to blame? Absolutely not. And that's what he did.

Someone already said it, and I agree. If anyone deserves a do-over its Micahel Young. But don't try to make him out to be the hero in this.

The "blowup" between MY and the Rangers had to be staged. This seemed like an awfully quick reconciliation after Young's earlier refusal to move to third. The Rangers got more pub out of this than they could buy.

I'm very sure the team was trying to trade you Terrell Young, they just couldn't find a GM stupid enough to take on your contract and still get value in return. You are a good player, but very much overpaid compared to your peers. Get over it.

This Rangers organization is justcarrying on the bumbling, futile ways that have become traditional for them. Years ago they supplied all of major league baseball with allstar pitching traded from their farm system for such "hall of famers" as outfielder Lee Mazilli. Bumbling decisions and stupidity are a nearly 40 year "tradition" for the Rangers. I have attended Ranger games from the time they moved to Arlington. Spitballer Gaylord Perry, knuckleballer Charlie Hough, Jeff Burroughs, Pete Incavilia. I was in the crowd behind center field when Nolan got strikeout # 5000. A brief flirtation with hope by winning a division title in the 90's. I took my twin boys to celebrate the new "Ballpark." But in recent years the decades long culture of loosing and decisions beyond stupidity just simply became too much for me. For nearly 40 years I have waited to see a consistent winning tradition begin here. Nolan is back, but even he cannot hope to turn the Texas Rangers around.

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