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January 11, 2009

Move, trade or stay?

Michael Young has asked to be traded after being asked to move from shortstop to third base. Playing Chris Davis at third and Hank Blalock at first, as was the situation for the final five weeks of last season, isn't an option, according to general manager Jon Daniels.

Here are the options: trade Young, hope Young agrees to move to the hot corner, or let him stay at shortstop and don't rush heir-apparent Elvis Andrus.

A trade would almost certainly have to produce a quality starting pitcher. The money the trade would save the Rangers could be used to sign a free-agent third baseman (Joe Crede) and maybe have some left over for more pitching.

Putting Young at third base could lead to some unsteady play on that side of the infield. Young could encounter some issues as he learns the position, and Andrus has shown that he will boot the occasional ball.

The Rangers don't lose much if they let Young stay at shortstop and let him get used to the idea of moving for 2010. That would allow Andrus, who has never played above Double A, to see better pitching at Triple A and continue to hone his defense. If Andrus is doing well in say, July If 2010 is the season Daniels expects the Rangers to first contend, what's the rush?

Your turn:

A. Trade Young.

B. Hope he happily moves to third.

C. Keep him at shortstop and keep Andrus in the minors.

-- Jeff Wilson


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Not good. Why not ask Young to move to second and put Kinsler with his suspect infield glove in the outfield? Having said that, as much as I like Michael Young I think the failures of the organization in recent years to field a productive pitching staff and complete lineup has shown they are STILL rebuilding and he will not be around when (and IF) they are ever a serious winner again. Treat him with the respect he has earned. Trade him to a contending club, get some nice prospects and everyone move on.

I believe that Michael Young has earned the respect to be notified of the Ranger's intentions and not told what they want to do. He should have the opportunity to work in to the position of 3rd base. What is it actually going to accomplish to put a good athlete (Andrus) in a position that could hamper his growth? Does anyone remember the name Benji Gill? Of all of the pro athletes today that have no moral or ethical values being role models for our youth, you would expect that the good guy would win one every once in a while. Let him stay at SS.

Sometimes the best thing for a franchise is not always the best thing for a player. I admire and respect Michael Young for all he has done for the Rangers over the years but I believe a move to third is best for the organization. I also believe the timing is perfect, you don't want to do these things in the middle of the season.

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