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January 31, 2009

Forget Buchholz, Pudge

Nolan Ryan's dreams of seeing Clay Buchholz in the Rangers' rotation probably came to an end Friday with the announcement that the Red Sox have re-signed catcher Jason Varitek to what is being reported as a two-year contract.

Rangers' sources had indicated that the team had offered catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia head up for Buchholz. The Varitek signing may not end Boston's quest to add a young catcher to groom, but it's unlikely they'll feel motivated to deal a young arm as valuable as Buchholz's in the process.

Buchholz still may not have a spot in the Red Sox rotation. He would have quickly stepped into one in Texas. Ryan had made no secret that he likes Buchholz and would have parted with a catcher to land him.

There are other ramifications to this deal as well. If the Rangers don't trade a catcher, then they almost certainly won't be bringing Pudge Rodriguez back as a backup and mentor for a young starter,  That's something the Rangers had been mulling over after Pudge let them know he would love to return to Texas and that his asking price wouldn't be prohibitive, probably a $2-$3 million, 1-year deal.

   -- Jim Reeves



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Typical of the Rangers. They have let far too many good deals (primarily pitchers) go by the boards while other clubs grab up player after player.
Hicks and his henchmen have proved that they don't want to provide a quality product for the DFW fans. I thought Nolan would be able to convince Jon Daniels that pitching wins championships, but I just don't think it matters to anyone in the organization. That's why the BEST players don't want to play here. And why the fans will soon stop coming to the ballpark and watching the televised games.
And, by the way, there's no way that Saltalamacchia is worth a starting pitcher -- they'd have to throw in a lot of cash or three high-level draft picks. (Daniels still can't evaluate players worth a damn.)

What the rangers need is a domed air conditioned stadium. Move on over to jerry world from june-september. It is an absolute brick oven in arlington from june-september. NO pitcher wants to pitch in that terrible heat added that it is a launching pad at the ballpark. The heat wears down the players throughout the year, and no free agent find that attractive. If you get the same offer from the dodgers, rangers, arizona, or even milwaukee, the climate your going to play in is going to be a huge factor. If you look at teams with the climate we have, Arizona and Houston both have air conditioned domed stadiums. It would also attract way more fans to the games. The only other teams with our climate without domes are Atlanta and Florida. Well the Marlins are in Miami and its MIAMI, not Arlington. Also, every prospect they have turns out to be a gem, and every trade they make turns out to be amazing. Two world series rings before the rangies even win a playoff series? EMBARRASSING. And with Atlanta, that ballclub gets that it takes pitching to win a championship, and they have committed their organization to pitching. And look what its done for them. And i dont give a crap what baseball america says about the rangers farm system and that its #1. Prospects are called prospects because they are not yet good major league players, they have the chance to be. The rangers have found ways to screw up young talent with horrendous trades so it will not matter. (see danks, armando galarraga, chris young, soriano for wilkerson- worst trade of all time.) You could say volquez but we got hamilton in that deal. Bottomline: The rangers will never be a good team without pitching, and since they havent had pitching since 1972, what makes you think that they will get it now? I will naysay them until they actually do it. Why put hope into a team that has finished last in the division one too many times?

A. there are over 90 free agents currently available, no other club (outside NYY) are grabbing up player after player.
B. in baseball draft picks are not tradeable

Austin Head,
A. baseball is a summertime game, my kid plays 3 to 5 games per weekend in 90+ heat in July and August. Heat in Arlington is a John Hart excuse for his failure to bring pitching to the Rangers. Seems fashionable to parrot that theory nowadays.
B. Atlanta is a good example, they went from perennial losers to consistent playoff teams on the strength of, say it with me now, highly rated farm systems! Might want to read Anthony Andro today.

Seriously, try not to turn this into the Seamhead blog where virtually every post does nothing but highlight the baseball ignorance of the poster.

Baseball fan 1st is probably one of those guys that still has baseball sheets and sleeps in his cleats. Get off your ranger tinted sunglasses buddy.

It is an amazing understatement to say that JD has made some of the dumbest trades possible since he has taken over as GM. We gifted Chris Young and Adrian Gonzales to San Diego, we gave Danks to Chicago and we gave Galarraga to Detroit.

I don't think the Soriano - Wilkerson trade was the worst trade ever. What we got for Soriano was incredibly awful, but Soriano was going to be a free agent and we couldn't sign him. If we had traded a young pitcher who became a star for Brad Wilkerson that would have been the worst trade ever.

BUT! Like the obviousness of JD's stupid trades is the obviousness of JD rebuilding our farm system. I will give you the fact that at this point they are just prospects and have yet to produce at the majors, BUT THAT'S HOW BASEBALL WORKS! You said it yourself, pitchers don't want to come here. If pitchers won't come here then how the hell else do you get good pitching besides developing it in the farm system with prospects.

The Rangers have tried to live by the free agent signing several times and it just doesn't work. Chan Ho Park - crash and burn, Millwood - the plane is going down and they're losing cabin pressure.

The good thing is that a couple of the young guys showed up last year and pitched well (Harrison, Nippert to name a couple) and the best prospects we have are still in the minors and will probably be here some time this year (Feliz, Holland, etc).

If you don't put any stock in Baseball America ranking our farm system #1 you better stop and decide if you actually know anything about baseball. If all you want is for the Rangers to sign a bunch of free agents then you're worried about the wrong team, the Yankees play in New York.

Now Austinhead, I understand your trepidation because the Rangers have managed to screw up with so many prospects by trading them away, BUT LOOK AROUND MAN, THAT ISN'T HAPPENING THIS TIME! Right now the Rangers brass is making preparations to start putting our young guys on the hill in Arlington and not to trade any of them! The last young pitcher we traded was Volquez and a lot of people come down on different sides of that argument. If it's me, I'll take Hamilton. He plays every day and he is a true 5 tool player. Volquez may be special too, but Hamilton could become a legend.

Tampa Bay Rays fans had more to bitch about then we ever have until this past season. Then all of their prospects get into the majors, get a year or two of experience, mix in a veteran or two and BAM! World Series. Now there's no guarantee that it will happen here and in fact it's unlikely that it will, getting to a World Series takes a lot of talent but more importantly it takes getting a little lucky. You could win 116 games in a season (Seattle Mariners), but if you aren't hot when you get to the playoffs then it's just not going to happen.

Something that I don't understand is why anybody would expect a fan to stop rooting for their team just because the team sucks. And Austinhead, saying that you're giving up on the Rangers until they actually do something makes you a fairweather fan, and a fairweather fan really isn't a fan at all. Being a fan means that you stand by your team good or bad (or in the case of the Rangers awful).

Not that this matters in the whole scheme of my life or yours, but it really does sound like you two don't know anything about baseball except for what you hear other people say. If your smoking gun is that the Rangers need a domed stadium, I'd go ahead and start rooting for the Astros because our stadium is only 15 years old, it's one of the most beautiful stadiums in all of baseball and it's not outdated. You can't build a 500 million dollar stadium (I don't know how much it actually cost, hundreds of millions I'm sure) and then tear it down 15 years later when the economy is awful because you should've built it with a dome.

A domed stadium with A/C is a nice dream to have but it just isn't going to happen for the Rangers anytime soon. One day the ballpark will close and we'll build a new park. I'm 100% confident that that new park will have a retractable roof and A/C. I'm also 100% confident that it's not going to happen anytime in the next 15-20 years, maybe longer.

Yes I'm a Rangers fan, yes I'm passionate about my team, yes I realize that they suck, yes I realize that there's a good chance they'll suck again this year, BUT I'M STILL A FAN!

Good things are going to start happening in the ballpark very soon, and I can't wait to be there for it!

Patrick is right on all points. I get a little miffed at people who moved to this area within the past 15 years or so and cry about the heat. Nolan Ryan pitched pretty well in the August heat. Fergie Jenkins didn't sit out home games because it was hot.

My biggest gripe about the Rangers is Jon Daniels. He's an idiot but fortunately I don't think he's doing much these days. Ryan is making the calls and Daniels just picks up his paycheck and goes to press conferences. That's the biggest reason I think we real Ranger fans can see a little light at the end of the tunnel if for only that one reason.

But what do I know. I picked the Dodgers against Larsen.

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