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November 02, 2008


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Nice interview Ms.Myers.

Hull is a.........bozo? Incompetent? Moron? Clueless?

He condones airing dirty laundry?

He condones sending Neal down?

Neal was one of the more productive guys on a productive line. Brett - Neal will now equate working hard and doing well with being punished.... I feel sorry for your dogs. Hopefully you don't own any.

Brett, you should know that NHL players don't snipe at their own in the press. At least, they don't name names.

Dumb@ss? Dork? Stupid? Over his head? Clutching at straws?

Every time I think that this can't get worse....

I think it's fantastic.. We're talking about grown men here. Excuse me: Grown millionare players who should be held accountable, no matter if it's within their own walls or out in public. Is Mo or Turco or anyone else saying anything that's so surprising? Anything we didn't already know? They're men. Take it like them. And if you don't like it, then do something about it on the ice.
(By the way, why just calling out Hull when Jackson was OK with it, too?)
Now on the Neal front, I'm not a huge fan of him being sent down, either, but I don't foresee him staying down long, especially with the forwards continuing to be battered and bruised.

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