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November 13, 2008


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Looks like it's going to be a very long season for watching and short for the Stars. At the moment, they are not a team. We fans can only hope they wake up.

Watching last nights game at AAC was brutal and incredulous. Many season ticket holders are reflecting disbelief.We look so balanced and talented on paper. National and local media predicted a strong season. Comments reflecting on ice performances almost become irrelevant right now. How do you change a team "psyche" quickly???The knee jerk reaction is some quick player/coach changes...I'm not sure that is the answer, but something dramatic is needed...and FAST

i'm really embarassed for this team. i'm thinking of making firelogs with my season tickets...**** flows downwards, maybe we need some changes starting at the top. the 'young guns' playing for the moose are probably very happy they are on a winning team instead of this mess.

I was hoping that my old question about problems in the room would not be answered this way.

The "leadership in the room", if there is any, can't seem to get the ship righted either.

Ribs: There's no trust. No chemistry.

Robidas: It comes down to work ethic, and it’s not there.


Who are the 'boys playing this weekend??

Ms. Myers, my 'new' question is:

What has caused the players to choose not to care anymore?

I question the mental toughness of this group right now. I don't think it's that they don't care, I think they've just lost their confidence to such an extent that they almost expect things to go wrong. Look at how they came out last night. Did you see any belief there? Any swagger? These guys are tentative, afraid to make a mistake. When that happens against teams like L.A., who are fearless and ready to push you around, there's trouble.

Ms. Myers,

Thanks. And yes, they looked tentative. Not aggressive. But is that all that it was? Is a lack of confidence all that it is?

Yes, I know that you can't relay a fraction of what you are exposed to, if you expect to get anything from the players. It just leaves me frustrated.

I still don't understand how NHLers of this caliber can simply forget how to get through a rough patch. Albeit a very rough patch.

They've been through it before. More than once. They know how it goes. What to do. I guess Tip is next. Too bad. Hope I'm wrong.

Let me pay homage to your writing style by saying that it's easier to yank the coach than the whole team. ;)

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