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November 01, 2008


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I agree that Lehtinen and Zubov arent going to be the magic pills that right the ship. The team needs to establish a team identity and mentality or this is going to last a long time. These guys just arent on the same page.

Ms. Myers,

I guess one could say that the Stars will get "five for fighting" starting tomorrow.

Hopefully they get it all worked out.

Ms. Myers,

At the risk of being redundant.

Going back to our earlier conversation about the players having friction between them, the result of which is often that they begin lose their chemistry or bonds, thereby fracturing the room to an extent.

I know you have those unwritten rules to follow, and obviously the open sniping in the press is a tip off, but how much chemistry do you feel has been lost at this point?

Well so much for Richards being something of an antidote...

I think we're seeing a somewhat painful re-calibration of the team. Consider the differences from last year - Norstrom, Barnes, Miettinen, Hagman, Smith etc., and the number of 1st and 2nd year players - Niskanen, Neal, Crombeen, Brunnstrum, Fistric, Grossman, Stephan... Say what you like about the subtractions, but they each effectively fulfilled roles on the team.

This is really quite a different team from the one that played into June. The new and expanded roles expected by some players will obviously take some time. The fact that Ribiero has been getting time on the PK should be evidence enough!

Here's to wishing we had a Sydor and a Hagman to throw in there...

I guess we'll never know for sure, but is sure seems like the addition of Avery has really hurt the team chemistry. I don't think most of the players were too fond of Avery before his signing. His bizarre behavior (have you watched any of his interviews - playing with dolls, or calling out Iginla?) probably doesn't help either.
Sorry Tracey, but if it's a trust issue (which Turco eluded to) - then you can't discount the impact that Zubie and Lehts will have. Zubie plays half the game, and he will have the immediate trust of his partner to control his half of the ice. Lehts will do the same for his forward line and the penalty kill.

I think this early season trouble might be a good thing, they'll have strong discussions and then they'll be ready to roll


I agree that it's better to have these issues now rather than March. But how do they fix this "mess"? What are the 3 biggest problems in your opinion?

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