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July 27, 2010

Dez Bryant blames media for controversy, says he didn't know about hazing tradition

Wide receiver Dez Bryant talked Tuesday for the first time since the mini hazing controversy erupted on Sunday when he refused to carry veteran receiver Roy Williams' shoulder pads into the locker room.

He expressed frustration over the media blowing something "that was nothing" out of proportion.

"It was never an issue," Bryant said. "Y'all made it an issue. It was never nothing. Y'all are trying to turn it into something."

With the fans at the Alamodome coming to his defense with derisive chants to the media, Bryant continued to vent. It's especially frustrating to him because of his concerted efforts to get off to a good start with the Cowboys after a controversy-filled final season at Oklahoma State last year. Bryant was ruled ineligible for lying to the NCAA about a dinner with former Cowboys cornerback Deion Sanders. His draft stock dropped because of concerns about his character and punctuality.

"I have been trying to do the right thing," Bryant said. "Y'all are trying to turn it into something negative. I am going to continue to do the right thing. Everybody on the team likes me, and I like eveyrbody on the team. Y'all are trying to put me and Roy against each other. That is not going to happen. We are trying to do something real special here. We are going to continue to keep trying to do that."

Bryant said he was actually blindsided by the initial request and the reaction that followed because he didn't know anything about the right of passage tradition of a rookie carrying a veteran's gear after practice. He said if he knew it was going to turn into a big story he would taken all of Williams' clothes into the locker room

"I didn't, I didn't know," Bryant said. "And like I told Roy, if I knew that situation was going to turn out this big he could have walked in with his tights on.  I would have took his shoulder pads, his pants, his helmet, his socks, his shoes. I would have took everything."

Bryant said as far he is concerned, the situation is behind them. Williams maintains that Bryant will have to do something for the veterans like buy dinner.

Bryant said he has no problem with that.

"Dinner is fine," Bryant said. "I have no problem with dinner."

Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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have a nice day

What you said makes sense, I like

the veteran got 2 dez in the locker room 2 comply 2 rookie tradition or beware, that why dez backpeddled 2 the media 2day.

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