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May 02, 2010

Lissemore is fast

Defensive lineman Sean Lissemore, a seventh-round pick out of William & Mary, made a fast first impression.

"Yeah, he can run," Cowboys coach Wade Phillips said. "When you get a guy late in the draft, you have to have a quality you really like about them. A 300-pound guy that can run like that, that's a good start for him."

Lissemore was a sprinter in high school, running an 11.2 in the 100-meter dash. He worked at nose tackle during the rookie camp, but Phillips said he believes Lissemore can play end as well.

-- Charean Williams


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After what I saw from Austin coming out of Monmouth College to become a 1,000 yard receiver, I am not afraid to get high on very small school players. Just because the player excelled against less talented opponents as BSC teams doesn't mean he can't play. Same with the safety from Indiana of Pa.


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