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April 16, 2010

Just CHILL: Garrett was never worried about Miles Austin

Clarence Hill 

Offensive coordinator Jason Garrett said he never had any concerns about receiver Miles Austin's absence from the first two weeks of the team's offseason program.

Garrett said the team was in constant contact with Austin. They knew of his plans to go to work with a trainer in California and they fully expected him to be on hand when the Cowboys began their throwing sessions.

The receivers and quarterbacks toss the ball around on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Austin was back in town for the session last Thursday and has been here ever since.

He said Austin, who is down to around 207 pounds, is in great shape and poised to build on his break out season.

Garrett also said he's excited about the work receiver Roy Williams is putting in. He said Williams looks good and it's just a matter of him continuing to catch passes from quarterback Tony Romo so the two can build chemistry.


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Your Opinion is just that....an Opinion. Most of the coaches, who usually no more than any of the fans, think Roy will be back to being a very good receiver.

Last year was a down year, not a typical Roy Williams Year. He had 7 TD's and averaged almost 16 yards per catch....Miles had about 16 yard per catch also.

Nobody knows for sure if Roy will be back to being Roy, but most of the people who put their jobs on the line for players, think he will.

Roy Williams is a lost cause. He is intimidated by the Cowboys' mystique. This turns him into a nervous wreck when he's on the game-day field and the ball's coming to him. I don't know if he'll ever get past that. Too bad, but he doesn't seem to be able to perform on the big stage. I know he did in college, but this is the Pros. And it's America's Team. I know we all feel for him and wish him the best.

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