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January 09, 2010

Starring Felix and Choice...

Wade Phillips just said that Marion Barber "wasn't feeling right" after starting tonight's game. He mentioned about Barber's bruised knee, and that it was obvious that Barber wasn't at full speed.

Enter Felix Jones and Tashard Choice, who did just fine. So now you wonder, if Barber is healthy by next Sunday... what do you do. Me, I would stick with the Jones-Choice tandem. Speed, quick moves, explosiveness. They were fun to watch.

What say you all?

-- Tracey Myers


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I agree with Jason's Marian the Meek analogy. I would go one further. I think the Cowboys should use him carefully in the playoffs - not in critical situations - to keep him healthy, and then package him with a draftpick or two to get better value either by trade of personnel or for drafts picks.

I am not saying Barber is not a great or at least good player but something has been off with him most of the season and really even dating back to last season. I am not saying it is his big contract that has damaged his "mojo" but something is wrong. I understand he has battled injuries to some degree the last two seasons but name an NFL star player that doesn't have the same problem. In my humble opinion the Cowboys need Marion The Barbarian and not Marion the Meek. In my opinion we have seen mostly Marion the Meek the last two seasons. If you don't believe me...then riddle me this, why can't he gain 1 or 2 yards using shear will power like his old Barbarian self? If the Barbarian is not available and we are stuck with the Meek, then I am 100% in favor of the Jones-Choice tandem until the Barbarian is back to his old self. Let us be honest, benching Crayton did him good and I think benching Marion will make the Barbarian return.

Was at the game, and you are right Barber does'nt look right, and Choice and Jones looked great, hitting holes breaking tackles very exciting to watch.

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