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January 06, 2010

Cowboys have seen footage of Desean Jackson saying Cowboys are scared of him

Eagles receiver Desean Jackson took a shot a cornerback Mike Jenkins and said the Cowboys defenders are scared of him.

"Mike Jenkins ain’t never shut me down, so y’all chill out over there," Jackson said via Usteam video. "Them boys are scared of me." 

 You better believe Jenkins and the Cowboys have a copy of the Ustream video and they are passing it around the lockerroom.

Here is the video:


Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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For any folks invested in more and better resident contribution, that is a knock back, i believe.

Hey Lee Raguz wanna carry my nuts into your mouth like your mom does? Wishing someone to get hurt is normal for an idiot. So now your stupid and your mom is a whore

I'm getting really sick and tired of this punk's big mouth.

It's very stupid to throw rocks at a hornets nest. But that's just what this goofy rookie has done by talkin' trash about our Boyz while he's safe in his bedroom at his mommie's house.

Now Newman, Sensabaugh, Hamlin, Jenkins, etc. are gonna lite this poor sucker up like Frankenstein's punching bag. Or a werewolf's chew toy.

Punk, you just caused your junker-green team to buy the farm this coming Saturday!

Eagles want to hurt Romo Sunday - It will be nice to see him carried off the field on a stretcher.

Eagles will be beat handily again.

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