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December 09, 2009

Just CHILL: The season is now, the season is Sunday

Clarence Hill 


This is a different team. This is a different season. Blah, Blah, Blah.

The next four weeks will tell you everything you need to know about these Cowboys because if they don't get it done, it will be a different team that tries to make a Super Bowl run next season when the big game is at Cowboys Stadium.

Coach Wade Phillips will need to make the playoffs and win at least one game to save his job.

If he doesn’t he won’t be around for us to pick on anymore.

So there is no reason to pass judgment now. Whatever will be will be.

Phillips says he and the Cowboys winners and they will prevail in the end.

To do so they will have to do something they have never done before.  Play well down the stretch.

It won't be easy as the Cowboys (8-4) have the league's toughest schedule to end with season with games against the Chargers (9-3), the Saints (12-0), the Redskins (3-9) and the Eagles (8-4).

The Cowboys (8-4) need to go 3-1 over the final four to guarantee a playoff spot with an 11-5 record. They could get in at 10-6 but it's no guarantee.

They would lose a wild-card tie breaker with the Packers (8-4) and the Giants (7-4). Remember the loss to the Packers and the Giants swept the season series.

And then there's this little matter of their history of fading down the stretch.

The Cowboys haven't had a winning record in December since 1996. After losing to the Giants last week, it has brought renewed questions and concerns about their late season failures.

No matter what Phillips says about the past not being a factor for this year's team, it is a big deal.  The Cowboys made it so with the all to familiar December loss to the Giants last  week.

It all makes Sunday's game against the Chargers a must-win affair.

With a road game against the undefeated Saints up next Saturday, the Cowboys are facing a three-game losing streak if they don't beat the Chargers.

And then all bets are off.

The Redskins would love to add to the team's misery the following week and of course we all know their history against the Eagles on the final day of the season.

The season is now. The season is Sunday against the Chargers.


 Clarence E. Hill Jr.



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I'm sick and tired of the way this team is playing right now! If you don't want to put the kibosh on an opposing team, I mean "really put them away" and win, no matter how good the opposing team is, then please give up your helmet and jock strap to someone who will!!!

Last Sunday against "little" blue, the Cowboys appeared lethargic on defense, special teams, and running the ball on offense. Their offensive passing game was the only area where they shined in spite of missing a few pass/catch opportunities that would have won this game notwithstanding the bad play from the defense, special teams, the running game, and the blocking game. Why?

Also, Adams firing up little blue by his cowardly cheapshot of Tuck in the back had something to do with the second half collapse. Why would Adams cheapshot Tuck when Tuck's back was to him after the play was over? Is Adams that dumb? Why couldn't Adams save his energy to attempt a pancake block of Tuck during a live play? Maybe Adams is not a good enough player anymore to do it during a live play.

There's blazing signs all over the place on this current Cowboys team that the coaches have little to no control over the players. Even supposed player team leaders have little control. There seems to be no player accountability as evidenced by Adam's stupidity being able to rear its ugly head. Sure, Adams may be able to beat up any one player on the team, but, he can't beat up 2 or 3 player leaders at the same time.

Surely 2 or 3 Cowboy team leaders could have confronted him together at halftime. In the 1990's it would have only taken 1 team leader to confront Adams and any other occurance of team stupidity or lethargy. And that's after The Jimster had his turn at the offender(s)! Scary stuff for stupid, unmotivated players.

If Adam's played for the Boys in 1992, 1993, or 1995 and did the above cowardly act on Bruce Smith--Irvin, Haley, Aikman, or Emmitt would have been in Adams face screaming at him for wrecking their momentum and firing up the Giants. They would have fist-fought him in the locker room at half time not caring that Adams is nearly 7 feet tall and 360 pounds.

Today you don't have to tackle on special teams anymore. You don't have to expend too much energy to run or pass block anymore. You don't have to take extra effort to line up your field goal kicks through the uprights anymore. You don't have to hold onto the ball extra tight and shield it from defenders attempts at stripping it from your gut anymore. You don't have to see the open man racing toward the endzone and throw him the ball anymore.

For Heaven's sake, you don't even have to throw the ball that accurately anymore. For the Love of Pete, you don't to have to motivate your team (or the team doesn't have to motivate itself) at half time anymore. For cryin' out loud, you don't have to make in-game coaching corrections anymore. For Pete's sake, you don't even have to get mad and scream at the media anymore.

For the love of litte green apples and puppy dog tails, you don't have to man-up and stop the bleeding anymore.

JJ, I'm lookin' at you for causing most of this turmoil! Stop meddling and coming between these players and their coaches, and, comin between team leaders and other players. If you want to be the Boyz head coach, then for God's sake fire or demote Phillips and BECOME THE BOYZ DOGGONE HEAD COACH already!! I'm sick of your coaching/control fantasies destroying this team!!

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