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November 01, 2009

Heeere's Romo!

OK, he wasn't nearly as amusing as last week, when he was talking about possible concussions and forgotten breakups. But here you go nonetheless...

On getting on the same page with Roy Williams: "We have to watch the tape. We have to see why certain things are different ways. I missed him on a big route early in the game; I have to bring the ball down some. But he’s doing good. He’s running good routes and he’ll be fine. It’s just a matter of going back and looking at the tape and seeing what we have to do better. It’s just part of growing with a receiver or group."

On what the offense has to keep doing to improve: "I think you’re always looking to never make a mistake, everyone be on the right page, always striving for that each week. The reality is, it won’t happen every week. You want to score a touchdown every time you get the ball. It’s unrealistic, but it’s what you’re trying to obtain."

On Miles Austin: "He's tough to tackle, I know that. He gives you the run after catch, and that’s something that’s been pleasant to see. You saw Sam Hurd, and I think those two came in together. They’ve been fighting for a long time to get on the field, and it’s exciting to see their work paying off."


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I wanna kick him!!!!!! I bet Campo and the rest of the Defensive squae wants to also!!!!

Yeah, I couldn't believe Romo was still in the game when it was 38-10 in the 4th quarter. He took that sack and came up holding his throwing arm and I thought I was gonna scream!

Romo almost had me kicked out of the ESPN Zone yesterday after that fumble/sack!!! WTF was he passing for in the 4th qtr?

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