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August 02, 2009

Who you calling cupcake?

Camp cupcake?

Not anymore.

A circus atmosphere?

Save for the mascot Rowdy and tight end Martellus Bennett's late night video steaming, the Cowboys have been all business.

All football.

Quarterback Tony Romo said the business like approach is serving the Cowboys well one week into training camp.

The Cowboys have gotten rid of all of the distractions (TO) and are just focusing on football.

"Yeah, that’s been the approach since we started this thing way back when," Romo said. "A lot of the things we are doing, it’s just football. It’s always been football but from the perception standpoint I’m sure that wasn’t but we’ve just been doing that."

Romo said camp has been demanding mentally and physically. Sunday was the second day of three straight days of two a day practices.

He said grueling workouts are just what the Cowboys needed, considering the real or imagined perceptions of them being a soft team.

Romo said the Cowboys have responded well.
"I’m not saying anything more than it’s been football all day every day and that’s been fantastic for the guys who love football and I think we have a lot of guys like that on the team," Romo said. "I just think it’s been something that this team is excited about. We did it in minicamp a lot more than I ever have been associated with. The OTAs were very demanding physically compared to years in the past. I think that’s shown in some of the execution since we’ve been here.”

-- Clarence E Hill Jr.


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