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March 31, 2009

Crayton had no agenda

Wide receiver Patrick Crayton's comments in the Star-Telegram on Tuesday have been the subject of much controversy this afternoon.
He is being widely criticized on local radio for seemingly taking a shot a quarterback Tony Romo and offensive coordinator Jason Garrett when asked about the departure of receiver Terrell Owens and the Cowboys moving forward in 2009.
Here are his words:  

"All of that is in the past,"Crayton said."As a group there ain't no more excuses. No more scapegoats to put the blame on. It's all on us that are here to get the job done. There is nobody here to point the finger at. You understand the business. They made it more (offensive coordinator) Jason Garrettand (quarterback) Tony Romo friendly. Again no more excuses."

If you are looking for controversy then I suppose you can read what you want into what Crayton said _ especially considering he sided with Owens during the season regarding Romo's distribution of the football.

But from point of the view as the interviewer, Crayton had no agenda. He was very matter of fact about the situation. He was not smarmy. He did not come off sarcastic. 

Bottom line, he was simply telling the truth.

Owner Jerry Jones has acknowledged that one of the reasons he cut Owens was to make the offense more Romo friendly.

And while Jones didn't mention Garrett, you don't have to be genius to know that Owens' departure has made life easier for the offensive coordinator as well.

By the same taken, the offense is more Crayton friendly. He will get more opportunities to catch the football and make plays with Owens gone.

So to think that he is harboring ill feelings to the point that he would risk alienating the quarterback and the offensive coordinator is off base.

Of course this is another lesson in the media catch 22. "We" often criticize players for not saying anything _ like Romo and tight end Witten who have yet to comment on the Owens situation. Hopefully, Witten will finally talk at an appearance on Wednesday so stay tuned.

But when they do say something "we" don't like or don't agree with then we rip them for it.

Crayton is no rookie when it comes to media. And he has said some things in the past that he probably shouldn't have said.

But there was no agenda here.

He will be out there catching passes with Romo, Witten and the other receivers on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the offseason program getting ready for next year.

Clarence E. Hill Jr. 


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Well ...Now HEAR this Crayton !!!
That's Right , Now with Owens gone, You Better believe You can Go as Well. So I'd Think about What You Say and What You do and Start Being a PART of this Football Team and NOT a Trouble Maker Yourself !!! Oh Yea , and When You drop a Ball that could have been a Touchdown and put Dallas in the Playoffs (like Year before Last) , Don't be Smiling and Acting like Oh Well ! Time to Put up or Move On !!!

Finally!! A reporter that's not a gal away or lil matt clone.

Crayton, Hurd and Austin will never be more than spares.

I'm not sure that getting rid of TO was the right thing to do, but now that its done, Crayton is right: no more excuses.

You should really edit before you post. It's hard to get through all the errors.

If the guy caught more balls (especially when the game is on the line!) maybe I'd buy that no agenda thing, but sounds to me he is lining up his own excuses for next year's drops.

oh' yeah is gonna get blasted for talking about romo'but he is just talking the truth i believe romo' will have a good season' as long as garrett use what he has and that is ball control with marion& company with witten and the weapons that he do have this offense will be one of the best this year as long as he realize he don't have to win the game by himself' he has nick folk if teams want to play the close game' so i believe he will be having and will have a succesfull season,just let the defense do there jobs and if they need him to be the playmaker he can do that too' he has all the tools to be the face of this team''LET'S GO COWBOYS''

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