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February 18, 2009

Julius Wants Big D

The Cowboys may look like a mess from the outside, but it's not preventing the big names from wanting to play on what is still considered the NFL's biggest stage.

Add Panthers defensive end Julius Peppers to the never-ending list of players who wants to play for the Cowboys.
The Pro Bowl defensive end may have the franchise tag put on him tomorrow, and he's made it no secret he wants out of Carolina. Why?
And money.
According to a story by the AP, Peppers said he'd be willing to be traded to one of four teams. Dallas, of course, is on the list. Peppers would have to sign a new contract and then be traded.
This is where not having a first-round pick really hurts the Cowboys.
The seven-year veteran is coming off a good season in which he had 14.5 sacks and three forced fumbles. He has posted double-digit sack totals in five of his seven seasons.
The Cowboys could use him. With Marcus Spears and Chris Canty both having proved to be decent but not dominant defensive ends, Peppers would be the menacing rusher off the edge the Cowboys haven't had in years.
But it's a long shot that Dallas could land him. The Panthers are going to want a first round pick, at least. The Cowboys, of course, don't have that pick because they traded it to the Lions for Roy Williams.

- Mac Engel


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i do see jerry pulling the trigger on this one. too much cap space will be tied down to d-ware and peppers, never happen, jerry maybe dumb but he is not stupid. the only way peppers comes to dallas, if he takes a paycut, which i doubt will happen. pepper demands sells papers and provides hits for the various web sites. when a player is negotiating through the media. pepppers is trying to get the highest offer an since every player in the nfl would love to play for jerry, because they know that jerry will dump the benjamins and the prestige of playing for America's Team count for something. It will be interesting, but i honestly can't see it happen. next question.

He wouldn't play end in the 3-4 defense anyway. He'd take time from Spencer on the other side..he's too small to play end in this scheme. Doesn't look like a good fit to me at all...

** Peppers would be the menacing rusher off the edge the Cowboys haven't had in years. **

Off one edge, anyway.

I think a guy named Ware might take exception to the notion the Cowboys haven't had a "menacing rusher of the edge" in "years."

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