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February 09, 2009

Cowboys could pick up this leader

 Maybe the Cowboys should go after one of their former players in search of a strong locker room presence. Ex-Cowboys tight end Dan Campbell is a free agent after he was released Monday by the Detroit Lions. Now, Campbell is a definite leader this team could use. He helped guide a young Jason Witten and he could help stabilize a locker that sorely lacks accountability.

Campbell, who is a top-notch blocker, could also help greatly with fellow ex-Aggie tight end Martellus Bennett, who needs to learn further what it means to be a professional. But Campbell (in Dallas from 2003-2005) has dealt with triceps and hamstring injuries and been limited to just three games the past two seasons and is a 10-year vet.

- Rick Herrin


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Take him and drop T.O. That would solve two problems at once. But JERRASSic Jones doesn't want to solve problems or win playoff games; he just wants to count his money and fck his fans.

I think that would be a good move if he has recovered. He'd have to take the veteran minimum. Campbell would be a good 3rd TE used for blocking and, as I recall, he played special teams as well.

Campbell is a solid character guy who would provide a good example of professionalism for the younger guys in the locker room.

Oh I get it....bring in DC who has been cut by Detroit (Guess his leadership wasn't needed), who has been hampered by injuries the last few years and is as winding down his playing years WHEN WE DON'T EVEN NEED TIGHT-ENDS!!!! Stop reaching.

I liked DC he was a true leader....reminded me of Matti Norstrom when he was here in LA. A true leader just very little talent. According to Jason, Dan taught him everything abou the TE position.

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