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November 17, 2008

Wade says he will take Pacman back

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has already said he will welcome Adam "Pacman" Jones back to the team if he is reinstated by NFL commish Roger Goodell.

Goodell is expected to re-evaluate Pacman's case this week to determine the length of his suspension. 

But what about Wade Phillips? Does he want to bring him back? Since the suspension, Phillips has always said he is moving on without and not holding out hope he could help if he came back. Wade sounding a little different these days on the Pacman front.

Wade, do you want him back?

"Yeah," Phillips said. "Sure. Sure. I think he would add something. As a coach, the guy worked hard in practice, he was in all the meetings, was never late for anything, he listened, he tried to do what you wanted. ...Now, the off-the-field stuff obviously is what he had a problem with and it cost him."

"As as far as I'm concerned right now he's gone, which he is. If that changes then I'll have a different attitude."

- Rick Herrin


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Wade simply repeats what Boss-man Jerry says. He is the ultimate "yes-man"

Getting Adam Jones back would be a bonus at this point. Scandrick and Jenkins are playing fairly well, as long as they are the 3rd and 4th corners. If Newman and Henry are healthy, then not having Jones isn't a concern.

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