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October 27, 2008

Could we see Brooks Bollinger Sunday?

Sure sounds like it's possible. Wade Phillips is committed to Brad Johnson remaining the starter. But what if Johnson continues to struggle getting this offense going?

Could Bollinger get some action? Wade said he would be discussing the state of the offense with the coaches and making some of his own scheme suggestions this afternoon.

"We're looking at one game," Phillips said. "It's what we can do to win this one game. Whatever that is we will discuss it."

Phillips said the possibility was unlikely right now of Bollinger replacing Johnson in the game if he struggles. But he seemed to leave the door open that it was at least getting kicked around. Things could change in practice this week if Bollinger gets more first-team reps and the staff realizes the needs for more mobility against the Giants' fourth-ranked defense that leads the NFL in sacks.

It took Wade several questions about Johnson before he finally said he was the starting quarterback Sunday. Cowboys fans before you get too excited about Brooks, do you remember the preseason game this season against the Vikings? Yeah, that was some of Brooks fine work for the Vikes that night.

- Rick Herrin


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Play action prevents sacks better than the shotgun.....which is why we dominated the early to mid 90's.

BJ makes mistakes, if you don't call throwing half your throws behind your receiver a mistake then what is it? Just because he is supposedly less likely to turn the ball over, doesn't make him the best option to win the game. This is what people love to debate about Romo. I would rather have a guy that is prone to make a mistake every now and then and turn the ball over, than a guy who never makes any plays. I would give Brooks alot of reps and keep BJ on a short leash, especially if the Cowboys defense struggles. The Cowboys can't get into a shootout in this game.

More the reason(s) we should have drafted Booty now we are making an ass out of ourselves.

Brooks Bollinger did not play against the Vikings in a pre-season game with the Dallas Cowboys. Remember he was signed after the first week of the season so they would not have to guarantee his salary.

Brad won't be so bad if can regain his accuracy. That is a must!!

This issue goes back to Training Camp. There were QB's out there that would have been a better option than Johnson. Johnson is a true veteran QB that will not make many mistakes. However, he doesn't make many plays either. His arm strength has been suspect for years. This should have been addressed in Training Camp. 13 points probably won't beat the Giants or the Redskins. On a positive note, the Defense stepped up.

Why ? So we can blame someone else for a loss. Not sure how talk of Brooks ever came up!


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