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September 08, 2008

Pacman Claims He Was Violated

Since there is no real comfortable way to describe this story, I will do my best to use vanilla language and allow Adam Jones to describe the rest.
Early in the third quarter of the Cowboys' 28-10 victory against the Browns on Sunday, Jones fielded a punt at his own 14-yard line. He muffed the catch, and in the ensuing scrum Browns defensive back Nick Sorensen ...
"Dude grabbed my [expletive]," Jones said Monday. "I told that dude, 'You're lucky I'm trying to do better because I would have got 15 (yards) for kickin' your [expletive]. He grabbed them and squeezed them. ... If you want somebody to let the ball go, grab their [expletive]. I'll sure let go after that."
It is my sincere hope that this is the last of these such stories I ever, ever write.

- Mac Engel


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I played football for many years...this type of stuff did not just start happening; not like I personal did it or anything, but I had been known to poke a few eyes to get the ball and been poked as well. My point is that if you know its going to happen prepare yourself and get tough Pacman. Players who dont get paid to play are tough enough to handle it. The last thing you want to say is we lost because someone grabed my junk. I also think that Pacman needs to take care of business in between the whistles and not even think about fighting someone outside the realms of the game, which is part of problems in the past. With all that being said, glad to have Pacman in a Cowboy uniform, now its time to go play and carry himself like a Cowboy should.

Think Adam is trying but letting the frustration of working through the rust of a year off tough. Give him a little more time.

Maybe he expected to have some bills tucked into his jock beforehand?

So is Adam the pot or the kettle?

Words of warning, watch out for Galloway on crowded elevators....

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