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September 05, 2008

Jerry Jones says he will sign QB Monday

On his weekly Friday radio show on The Ticket, Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones said he will sign a veteran backup QB on Monday, but wouldn't say who it was. It is expected to be ex-Viking Brooks Bollinger. Jerry wants him as a future backup for Tony Romo and said he did look at Chris Simms.

Bollinger didn't sign this week because his contract would have been guaranteed by being on the opening-game roster.

Other comments from Jerry...

"I've got high expectations, but I also know how difficult it is for them to pan out. We've got a better team than we had last year."

"We need to keep Romo healthly. He is a serious talent and that is an understatement. We have a supporting cast that can make due in certain situations."

"I am not as concnered about our receivers as I could be."...Jerry believes the speed on the other side of Terrell Owens with Miles Austin and Isaiah Stanback is why he's not as concerned. Only thing, both are battling injuries and both have very limited experience.

- Rick Herrin


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The Vikings are a team with quarterback questions and Brooks Bolinger couldn't make their team. Why are the Cowboys considering Bolinger over Chris Simms?

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