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November 24, 2008


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Make him the highest paid non bcs coach. If SMU can come up with 2 million for june jones to win what 2 games can't we get another 700,000 dollars for a guy who wins 10 games every year look at the recruits he has this year. He has changed the whole culture in TCU football. Now all the experts admit TCU is one of the best teams in the country. He always has one of the best defenses now they have some offense to go with it. Don't blow this one Frogs Pay the man! He wants to stay pay him.

I must say, I will be very disappointed in the program and the school if it comes down to him leaving because they wouldn't increase his salary commensurate with his record and his ability. He deserves June Jones money, even if June Jones doesn't deserve June Jones money. However, all that being said, I do believe that Morrison is a very smart AD, and he will do everything in his power to bring G-Pa back. Spitblood, and go frogs.

Rivals is reporting CGP interviews at Clemson today. As much as Clemson is a deathbed for football ambitions, it sure doesn't feature rows and rows of empty seats like you'll see at any TCU game...

I live in Seattle and the buzz here is that the University of Washington is really going after Patterson. The Huskies failed to win a single game this year. Pretty pathetic.

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